Emperor Beld (ベルド, Berudo) had once been one of the Six Heroes who saved Lodoss from the Demon King, 30 years ago. To do it, however, Beld's soul was touched by the darkness of the Demon Sword Soul Crusher. He gained possession of the Demon Sword, the counterpart to King Fahn's Holy Sword. Afterward, he came to rule the dark kingdom of Marmo.

Driven both by his darkness and by the subtle hints of Karla, Beld will order an invasion of Lodoss. He knew that once he attacked Valis, King Fahn would have to answer, and answer he did. The old former friends would then meet one last time, to decide the fate of Lodoss. At first, Beld would appear to strike the decisive blow, but Karla suddenly intervened to assure that neither would come out the victor. With his fall, Ashram arises to a very tumultuous Marmo throne.

In the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight series it is King Kashue not Karla who defeats Beld after Beld slays King Fahn.