Cecil (セシル) is a human sorcerer. He studies magic under the watchful guidance of Slayn, in Zaxon. As familiar as Cecil is with magic, he is still hot headed and ready to fight. He will always rise to a challenge if another mage thinks he's better than him. Although Cecil is male, he has a strikingly androgynous appearance and becomes enraged whenever he is mistaken for a woman. He wears a wizardry robe and carries a cobra-hooded staff.

He is the wizard type that replaces Slayn in the first half of Lodoss War: Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight, but offers only a cameo in the second half. Late in the first half he wields a knife to save Slayn from being attacked, leading Slayn to comment that perhaps his strength is better utilized as a warrior rather than a mage.