The Wizard’s Ambition (魔導師の野望, madōshi no yabō) is the eleventh episode in the 1990 anime series.


Back at Valis, Deedlit and Parn begin to realise their feelings for each other. King Kashue receives news that Marmo seems to be rejuvenating. Ashram has survived Fire Dragon Mountain and still holds the sword but only Pirotess' circlet remains. Karla tells him to return to Marmo as all Lodoss will go there as Wagnard will attempt to gain Kardis' power. Kashue tasks Parn to deliver a message to the country of Moss to gain more allies and Deedlit recounts the legend of the Scepter of Domination. In Marmo, Wagnard gains immense power from the sceptre and travels out to kidnap the high elf Deedlit in order to resurrect Kardis. Slayn, Leylia, Shiris and Orson notice the dark magic over Parn's location and rush to save him. Wagnard easily defeats Parn and takes Deedlit. Parn reawakens in Valis, having been saved from death by the others. Orson and Shiris carry the message to Prince Jester in Moss while Ashram and Kashue's army make their ways towards Marmo. Princess Fannia lends King Fahn's sword, The Holy Sword, to Parn.