Final Battle! Marmo - The Dark Island (決戦!暗黒の島, kessen! ankoku no marmo) is the twelfth episode in the 1990 anime series.


Wagnard begins the resurrection ceremony with Deedlit as the high elf sacrifice. Parn, Etoh, Slayn and Leylia have made it to Marmo and are fighting their way towards the castle. Kashue's army meets up with Prince Jester, Shiris and Orson whilst sailing towards Marmo. Ashram is also fighting his way towards the castle as the ceremonial altar travels deeper beneath Narse the dragon and the buried city. As Kashue's group arrive on Marmo, Narse emerges and guards the castle, blocking anyone from getting near. However Mycen, the golden dragon, arrives and engages Narse. Parn's group has already made it inside but Slayn, Leylia and Etoh battle the monsters and spirits in the buried city allowing Parn to continue deeper to save Deedlit. Ashram is already at the altar and interrupts the ceremony. An angry Wagnard, determined to wield Kardis' power, turns to fight Ashram as Deedlit struggles to hold on to her life.