Episode 1 (Deedlit’s Tale)
DT book one - episode 1
A Traveler from the Elf World
Volume 1
Episode (Manga) 1
Pages 50
Date Released 1998
Book Choices
A Traveler from the Elf World II
List of Volumes

A Traveler from the Elf World is the first episode of Deedlit’s Tale and the first episode of “Choices”, the first book in the Deedlit’s Tale manga series.


The episode begins with Parn and Deedlit giving some villagers of Zaxon a helping hand with laundry, when suddenly a villager from the village of Hanan arrives, badly wounded. The villager utters "...lp, Help..." and falls on the ground. Parn and Deedlit rush toward him. The villager informs them that the village of Hanan has been invaded.

Parn and Deedlit immediately rush into the direction the villager came from, thinking they perhaps might run into more Hanan villagers in need of help. They eventually stumble upon the tiny village, which is now littered with corpses. Hiding between the trees and overlooking the village, Parn and Deedlit see an aristocrat army which had set up camp in the village. Parn notices the army is relaxing and doesn't appear to be invading Zaxon anytime soon.

Deedlit suddenly notices a rustle among the leaves. It wasn't the wind, but the wind spirit Sylph. Could Dark Elves have caused the wind spirit to move? As Deedlit wonders and is about the summon the spirit, a high elf appears. Deedlit recognizes him to be her friend Estas, from the Forest of No Return.

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