The Black Knight (黒衣の騎士, kokui no kishi) is the third episode in the 1990 anime series.


Deedlit, the elf, makes herself known to Parn. Suddenly they are attacked by a dark elf leading a band of kobolds. The others arrive and scare the attackers away before the group are arrested by Alanian soldiers. In the dungeon the group meet Woodchuck who updates them about the invasion of Alania and Kanon by Marmo and he also tells them the strongest knights are in Valis. The dark elf reports back to Lord Ashram and Karla sends Ashram to attack fortress Myce where the group are held. Meanwhile Beld and Wagnard's army are on the verge of conquering Shining Hill in Kanon. Back at the dungeon the captain of the guards meets the group and realises Etoh is a priest and releases the group and also confirms Woodchuck's information. Later that night Ashram's army attacks and overwhelms the fortress defences. The heavily wounded captain saves Deedlit by killing the dark elf and Parn rescues Woodchuck from the dungeons. He instructs the group to leave Myce before riding out to meet Ashram where he is killed.