Pirates... The Ship of Dark Ambitions (海賊...黒き野望を乗せた船, kaizoku...kuroki yabō o noseta fune) is the fourth episode in the 1998 anime series.


King Kashue's army rides out to battle Shooting Star, having found out the Hobb has joined Ashram, and Deedlit struggles with her feelings for Parn. In the waters around the port town of Raiden, Alhaib the pirate, under the employ of Ashram, has put a stop to the shipping. Ashram arrives to kill Abram with his group that includes the dark elf Astar and Groder, a sorcerer working for Wagnard who also requires the Scepter of Domination as well as the Soul Crystal Ball to resurrect Kardis. Hobb voices his suspicions about Groder to Ashram who is already suspicious of him, as well as the others as agents for other Marmo parties. Orson's group fail to get a ship in Raiden due to the pirate activity and so he decides they will remove the pirate threat, with the aid of Maar the bard, and then take their ship. Later that night Orson attempts to face his demons head on only to end up in a berserker rage and nearly kills the sleeping Shiris but is only just able to stop himself. In Western Flaim, Shooting Star turns to attack Kashue's army.