Demon Sword... The Power to Crush Souls (魔剣...魂を砕く力, maken...tamashī o kudaku chikara) is the fifth episode in the 1998 anime series.


While Slayn and Leylia remain in Raiden, Orson and the others locate the pirate ship thanks to Maar and are astonished to find Ashram there. The group is defeated and captured by Ashram's band and Ashram's demon sword calms the spirit of anger behind Orson's berserker rage leading him to be captured as well. Back in Flaim, Shooting Star decimates King Kashue's army. When Kashue wounds the dragon, it vows to kill every last human in revenge. Realising the need for a powerful magic user Kashue decides to go to Raiden to recruit Slayn's help. Ashram sets sail for Blue Dragon Island taking Orson's group with them.