Heart... Tears Reborn (心...よみがえる涙, kokoro... yomigaeru namida) is the sixth episode in the 1998 anime series.


Shiris develops a rivalry with Smeddy, who defeated her earlier. Ashram's ship arrives on Blue Dragon Island and Groder attempts to negotiate with Abram. He learns that the dragon does not guard the Scepter of Domination but does have the Soul Crystal Ball. He manipulates the dragon into fighting Ashram's group and, with the help of Hobb's incantation, they kill Abram with Orson as a witness, whose spirit of anger is weakened by the dragon's roar. The events with Ashram help Orson regain his emotions. Groder takes the Soul Crystal Ball and informs Wagnard of its acquisition but when he is ordered to bring it immediately to Wagnard he grows suspicious of him. On the journey back Maar escapes after using magic to put everyone including Orson's group to sleep and then steals the Soul Crystal Ball. Kashue's group arrive in Raiden and meet up with Leylia and Slayn and later with Maar. They defeat Alhaib's pirates and discover that Ashram has already departed for Fire Dragon Mountain. After rescuing Orson's group they witness Shooting Star burn Raiden to the ground. Deciding that stopping Ashram is more important, Kashue and the rest head after Ashram.