The War of Heroes (英雄戦争, eiyū sensō) is the seventh episode in the 1990 anime series.


As Fahn's army marches out they receive news that Kashue's troops are being cut down. Rushing off to help, they fail to realise in the fog that it is a trap to lure Fahn out. As the fog clears, a brutal battle ensues. Parn recognises Lord Ashram and attacks him. Deedlit tries to help but is distracted by Pirotess, the dark elf. Managing to outfight the Marmo army Fahn calls out to Beld to face him. Beld appears and the two old friends engage in a duel to the death. During their fight Parn hears Wort's message to remove Karla's true self, her circlet on her head. Wort says that Karla aims to keep Lodoss at war to avoiding tipping the balance of power in one direction but it will mean greater disasters will befall Lodoss. Beld manages to strike down Fahn but is then killed by Karla as Wagnard observes from afar. A magical storm brews awakening the dragons and Lord Ashram takes Beld's magical sword before leading away the Marmo army. Parn surveys the carnage and vows to end Karla's campaign of suffering.