Estas is a high elf from the Forest of No Return. He has a soft spot for Deedlit and leaves the forest in hopes of finding her in the human world. Upon finding Deedlit he learns she has adjusted herself to living among the humans and has fallen in love with Parn. Estas himself thinks rather lowly of humans, resulting in a bit of tension between the two.

Estas appears in two volumes of the manga series Deedlit’s Tale and in the novel of the same name.


Estas has a common high elf appearance; an attractive man with long blond hair and long pointy ears. His eyes have a bluish colour. He has a tall, slender build.
Deedlit's Tale volume 2

Estas appearing on the cover of a Deedlit's Tale volume.

Estas wears a long green cape and green hat. His clothing style, and green colour of clothing, is similar to that of Deedlit. He often wears an archer hat.


Estas is a high elf who appears living in the Forest of No Return. He leaves the forest and visits Deedlit in Zaxon. He lets her know he wants her in a romantic way. Deedlit reacts surprised at first; not even Parn has ever told her so directly he is into her like that. Deedlit, however, has grown to like living among humans, whereas Estas looks down upon them, creating some tension between the two elves.

At the end of the first volume of Deedlit's Tale, Estas learns humans are more civilized than he initially thought. He accepts Deedlit's wish to remain with Parn among the humans and returns to the Forest of No Return alone.

In volume 2 of Deedlit's Tale he helps Deedlit in lifting the curse on the Forest of No Return, so that Parn, leading a group of Zaxon villagers fleeing from a Marmo army, can pass through.


  • Estas and Deedlit are the two last born high elves in the Forest of No Return, with Estas being 1,000 years older than Deedlit