Flaus was a Warrior Priestess of Pharis from Valis and one of the original Seven Heroes of Lodoss. She sacrificed herself in order to save Lodoss. Her dream of uniting Lodoss was kept alive after her passing by Beld and Fahn.


Flaus has dark blond curvy hair and a headlace over her forehead. She is slightly curvy build and of average height. She wears brown long boots over her knees and white priestess robes and chainmail underneath it. She is equipped with a shield and a goedendag.


Flaus is from the region of Valis. Shortly after her birth she was abandoned on the doorstep of a Pharis church and was subsequently brought up in the monastery and raised to become a priestess. Though her ability in magic appeared to be little, she ended up becoming skilled at fighting at a young age.

When demons were released from the Labyrinth, Faus killed several of them in villages throughout Valis. While doing she happened to meet Beld and Wort, and she hired them as mercenaries.

The three of them would travel together defeating more demons. On their quest they were brought together with Fahn, Flaibe, Neese and the nameless sorceress and together with the Hundred Knights they fought the demons back into the Labyrinth. To defeat the Demon Lord all seven entered the Labyrinth, but only six returned. Flaus had sacrificed herself in battle so the Pharis could descend into her and destroy the Demon Lord.

Beld, Fahn, Flaibe, Neese, Wort and the sorceress became known as the Six Heroes of Lodoss. Flaus was sainted.

Flaus dreamed of uniting Lodoss without bloodshed. She fell in love with Beld and hoped to see him achieve the dream of unity and be by his side. After her passing Beld and Fahn kept her dream alive, but both died on the battlefield because of it.

Media appearancesEdit

Lady of Pharis volume 1

Flaus on the cover of a Lady of Pharis volume.