Ghim (ギム) is a dwarf warrior who wields a doubleheaded axe. Seems to blame himself for the disappearance of the priestess Leylia, and it's usually up to his good friend Slayn to give him reassurance in one form or another. Then, when Karla appears, Ghim recognizes the face as Leylia's. 

Realizing that Leylia has been possessed, Ghim ultimately sets out alone to challenge Karla and free Leylia from the Grey Witch's control. Fortunately for him, Ghim will not stand alone in this fight, even if that's not what he wants. In the face of Karla's awesome power, it is this team effort that finally allows Ghim to free Leylia from Karla's dreaded circlet, an act which would prove to be his final and redeeming act.

Voice Actors

[1] Mon, Chunky


[2] Gastell, Norbert