Parn (パーン, Pān) grew up in a more or less peaceful village, with the only real concern being a nearby goblin tribe. As a child, he was ostracised by the others, because his father had a black mark against his name (although the details are never discussed), and was killed in a war with the country of Flaim before his name could be restored.

Growing up, Parn idolized his father, remembering him as a great man, despite what the others had to say about him and knowing him only as a man of honor. Never knowing the circumstances of his father's fall from grace, he knew his father only as a kind and gentle man with a warrior's spirit.

Parn had a best friend by the name of Etoh, who left the village to become a priest of Falis, the Supreme God, a couple of years before the story begins. He was also a good friend with the mayor's daughter, and may have even been childhood sweethearts with her, although this is only implied.

The truth of his father was revealed upon meeting King Fahn. His infant daughter was kidnapped and held for ransom. Due to power conflicts Fahn could not authorize a rescue effort because he was in deep negiotiations with an unrevealed third party. Parn's father offered to go save the princess, even knowing that Fahn would declare him an outlaw so as not to violate the terms of the ransom.

Parn is a Free Knight, a knight not bound to any kingdom but to the service of justice. Together with his love Deedlit he travels the world helping causes and plights wherever he encounters him. He wields Falis' sword after his death.



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